Central Students Use Technology to Map their Playground

Posted by Corey Burdick on 11/19/2019 1:00:00 PM

The week of Nov. 10-16 marked World Geography Week and 2nd graders at Central School had the opportunity to get "out in the field" to use the Connector for ArcGIS app to map their playground as part of GIS (geographic information systems) Day. Teacher Stephanie Hockenbury explained that the national geography standard for 2nd grade includes constructing maps, graphs, and other representations of familiar places, so this exercise definitely fit the bill!
"We worked with Amy Haas, a Geospatial Technology Specialist from VHB, Inc in South Burlington and a RMCS parent, to use the app to GIS our playground. She brought tablets with the app prepared for students to use.  Students worked in small groups to gather data on our playground and Kristen Courcelle, District K-5 ITE, also supported our work."
Haas presented to all 2nd graders, sharing how she uses mapping and technology in her work.  She also shared sample maps she has generated with different projects in SB and VT, along with a demonstration of how to use the Connector for ArcGIS app. See the final image of the mapped playground here. Community connections, technology, and time outdoors made for a memorable lesson.


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