Orchard School Celebrates International Night

Posted by Corey Burdick on 11/7/2019 1:00:00 PM

On an early November evening when the first dusting of snow began to fall, families gathered at Orchard School for International Night. The event, which occurs every other fall, is designed to be a celebration of Orchard's diverse community. According to Parent Merin Maxwell, who has been planning the event since 2015, International Night gives families a chance to do a country display. Every family is invited to register a table or simply attend.

"We had about 30 tables this year, representing 25 countries. Students get passports and can get a stamp at each table, then show their passport for a prize. Some families bring food or an activity, others just bring items from a country. It can be where they are from, a place they have visited, or just somewhere they are interested in."

This low key evening doesn't have a formal program and is truly a "walk around and discover" format. Countires represented this year included:

China, Colombia, Corsica. Finland, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Moldova, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Somalia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Venzuela.

Photos to come!


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