Learning about Geology in our Local Environment

Posted by Corey Burdick on 9/20/2019 1:30:00 PM

Orchard School 5th graders had the chance to take their geology lesson outside recently through a series of field trips to Salmon Hole in Winooski, Lone Rock Point in Burlington, and the Audubon Nature Center in Huntington. At Salmon Hole, students made rubbings of ripples in sedimentary rock and discussed atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere. Then, at Lone Rock Point, students learned about the site; an exposed thrust fault that occurs when there is a break in the Earth's crust and older rocks are pushed on top of younger ones. Finally, at Audubon, students leanred valuable map and orienteering skills! Especially beneficial in our region; perhaps inspiring future exploration of our many hiking spots?


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