Transportation Services

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The entire Transportation Department is working hard to make sure your children are delivered to school and home safely and we need your help. 

    Please check your child's route often for changes over the next few weeks as we continue to update them.  To ensure the safe and effective use of our buses, we ask that parents/guardians have their children at the bus stop five minutes before the published stop time in the AM.  This will ensure students will not be missed, as we do not have the resources to go back to pick them up.  

    Also, for elementary parents/guardians who pick up their child at the published PM stop, if you could arrive at your child's stop five minutes early, it will help buses deliver every child on time.  


    Thank you for your continued support,


    Kathy LaRock, Transportation Manager

    Sean McKenzie, Transportation Router






























  • Kathy LaRock, Transportation Manager @ 652-7479

    Sean McKenzie, Transportation Router @ 652-7498

    23 Landfill Road Off Patchen Road In South Burlington.