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  • Principal

    Brent Coon



    Deb Alberghini-Miller

    Liz Carpenter

    Amy Kelliher

    Brigid Kulhowvick



    1st Grade

    Nicholle Demag

    Colleen Pecor

    Alexis Scott


    2nd Grade

    Jen Belisle

    Stephanie Hockenbury

    Kelly Mahl

    Katie Ransom


    3rd Grade

    Jackie Bailey

    Mary Dupont

    Dolly Liguori


    4th Grade

    Lizzy Appleby

    Megan Downing

    Patrick Knepp


    5th Grade

    Annick Cooper

    Kristen Couillard

    Danielle Vincent


    Visual Arts

    Kelsey Lewis


    Physical Education

    Doug Day



    Erika Rito



    Colleen Springer, Librarian

    Gwen Schuppe, Library Media Technician


    Information Technology Education

    Kristen Courcelle

  • English Language Learners Teacher

    Carol Blakely


    Speech and Language Pathologist

    Jessica Edwards


    Math Coach

    Paula Jensvold


    Literacy Teachers

    Ellen Copley

    Bonnie O'Day


    Literacy Support

    Nancy Tavares


    General Paraeducator

    Teri Goodwin

    Paula Klugo

    Sharon Stine


    Special Education Teachers

    Virginia Grace

    Kait Hale

    Erin Morse

    Melissa Phelan


    Special Education Support Staff

    Max Auerbach

    Suzanne Carter

    Michelle DeGrechie

    Andrea Donoghue

    Heidi Hopper

    Julia Kilcollins

    Jess Lea

    Kristin Lowe

    Anne McKenzie

    Darcy Newman

    Natalie Nolan

    Harry Silbaugh

    Beth White

    Lynne Baechle, Special Ed. Clerk

  • School Counselors

    Carol Wheeler (K, 1st, 2nd)

    Meaghan Rice  (3rd, 4th, 5th)



    Barb Gilmore

    Sue Dattilio


    School Nurse

    Michelle Cannon


    School Psychologist

    Lisa Pikulski


    School Based Clinician

    Sarah D'Agostino


    Behavior Facilitator

    Ashley Wilson



    Paul Kolbenson (Head)

    Dega Anak

    Tashi Dolma


    Nutritional Services

    Marysia Ramos

    Sophie Szwaja


    Lunchroom Supervisors

    Kiki LeClair

    Jen McGahey

    Girma Meskelle

    Victoria Zaluski


    Recess Supervision

    Kate Burrell

    Max Pizer

    Brandi Profeta


    Sub Caller

    Jennifer McGahey


    School's Out Supervisor

    Dan "Amadou" DiFranco, Director