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    A Proud Tradition of Educating Non-Resident Students
    Students from Georgia and Grand Isle County do not need to submit a school choice application.

    For decades, South Burlington High School has built a proud tradition of educating students who hail from outside the city limits.  18% of our students come from towns outside of South Burlington, including Grand Isle County and Georgia. We also have students from nearby Chittenden County towns who choose SBHS through the School Choice program.  We offer busing to and from SBHS for our students in Grand Isle County and Georgia. See below for more information.

    South Burlington High School is a comprehensive school with an enrollment of under 900 students in grades 9-12. We offer a diversity of academic offerings in English, social studies, mathematics, world language, technology, art, music, and science.  Approximately 3% of our students are enrolled in area technical centers.  About 75-80% of our graduates plan to continue their education following graduation.  A committed faculty and staff support all students to achieve their goals which is reflected in our less than 1% drop out rate. SBHS fosters a welcoming and accepting environment that allows students to be they are and follow their unique passions and interests.
    While many of our classes are heterogeneously grouped, more rigorous options(accelerated and honors courses) exist for those students who desire more challenge.  AP (Advanced Placement) courses available to junior and senior students are taught in English, European history, US government and politics, psychology, calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, and computer science. All students are supported as they work toward mastering standards and graduation requirements. Eligible students receive additional support to meet their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.

    Student Leadership Advisory Meeting (SLAM) and FACEtime
    All grade 9th-grade students are members of a small peer and  teacher-led advisory group. Groups meet twice a week to help students with academic issues, team building, transition, and planning.  

    Athletics: Home of the Wolves (link)
    SBHS has teams for athletes of all abilities. Despite our history of athletic achievements, there are several “no cut” programs offered to encourage participation by all students. Check out the athletics link on the left column to find out more.

    Co-Curricular Activities & Clubs

    SBHS recognizes the importance co-curricular activities play in rounding out a student's education. To achieve excellence and success in something outside the classroom gives students an added dimension of cooperation, well being, and self-esteem.
    Check out the link to learn more!

    One-to-One Program
    All students are issued Windows laptops at no cost.  Students use these learning tools in coursework throughout their high school career.
    Unique Programs
    Career Development Center (CDC)
    The International Experience (TIE)
    The Progressive and LEAP Programs
    Peer Leadership
    Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative(VTVLC) offering online courses
    High School Completion Program
    Big Picture - South Burlington

    The school district provides busing to and from Grand Isle County and Georgia at no cost to sending families or districts.  Buses are equipped with WiFi.  A late bus for students who have after-school commitments is also available.  There is also free CCTA(Chittenden County Transportation Authority) bus availability from our school during the day.

    Visiting South Burlington
    If you are deciding what high school to attend, we encourage you to come visit South Burlington. We can arrange for you to shadow a student or take a tour.  For information, please contact Kathie Borrazzo at 652-7064.

    Students from Georgia and Grand Isle County do not need to submit a school choice application.