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    Monday - Thursday: 8:15AM - 12:35PM  

    Friday: 8:15AM - 1:10PM

    Need a quiet place to study or some homework help? Feel like you could be doing better in your classes if you had a little extra support? Well, worry not! The Learning Center - a peer tutoring and academic support center - is available in what was once the Quiet Study Room in the library! Stop by to meet the tutors (whose collective expertise covers a broad range of subjects); get help with an available tutor; or work with Mr. B on getting organized, building solid study skills, connecting to useful study resources, & more! Come alone or with friends! We'd love to see you!

    Mission Statement

    The Learning Center is a hub for peer tutoring in a variety of subjects and a source of a wide range of nonjudgmental, academic support, including assistance building fruitful study techniques, determining how to approach assignments, brainstorming project ideas and how to execute them, honing subject comprehension, improving writing skills, and more. Registration for sessions at the center is open to students of all academic capacities and learning styles who are looking to become better learners, develop their aptitude in multiple areas, build transferable skills, and connect with peers – meaning another familiar face in the hallway or more!

    Tutoring Sessions & Consultations

    Many students (of all academic capacities) will schedule tutoring sessions on the Learning Center website, while some will be recommended to the center for a consultation by guidance counselors, Educational Support Team staff, and/or Section 504 staff. In such cases, Julian Barritt, the Learning Center Director, will coordinate with those support personnel to assess which areas are most in need of attention and development (e.g. help with organization, studying, focus, etc.) and meet with those students regularly until it is appropriate to connect them to tutors.

    All students are welcome to schedule an appointment with the center, but the center is not well-equipped to properly assist students with Individual Education Plans/those who qualify for Special Education. Such students may then be referred to Special Education staff.

The entrance to the Learning Center
Mr. B's desk with the Learning Center logo on it.
Picture of the center of the Learning Center space

I mean, come on. You're gonna want to check out our sweet digs! (here's a preview!)

Picture of the right-hand side of the Learning Center space
Learning Center window: Asking for help is the strongest thing that you can do.