Explore Stand out from the crowd by creating your own pathway, while exploring careers, content, and projects that are meaningful to you. Students who want to personalize their education and step outside of the classroom are encouraged to consider one or more of the following available options. 

    All options are credit-bearing and/or have embedded proficiencies.


    Big Picture Program    Credit:  4-8 (depending on student’s schedule)

    This innovative program has been at SBHS for over 10 years, allowing students to “take the wheel” of their education.  BPSB is part of a network of over 200 schools worldwide and allows you to build a flexible schedule that fits your interests and goals.  The work in BPSB is hands-on, through student-driven projects, community-based internships, service learning and travel. You will work independently within a supportive community of like-minded learners.  Teacher advisors provide the structures and supports for students to learn beyond the classroom.  Assessment is proficiency-based, through portfolios and exhibitions. Students can enter the program in any grade-level and can continue taking up to 4 SBHS or college classes. 

     *Admission process required:  see website for application

    SB Explore Online Academy 2020-21 Credit: 4-8

    Designed for students who will not be on campus for school in person.  The Academy works within the parameters of a longstanding South Burlington partnership with VTVLC.  By leveraging a decade-old partnership with Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative, SBHS students will have an all-remote option for the 2020-21 school year. Any student who enrolls in the SB Explore Online Academy must commit for the entire semester, students who enroll the first semester will have priority in terms of second-semester enrollment.

    Project Lab      Credit: .5 - 1

    Do you have an interest or idea that you’d love to pursue? Do you have a passion for something that you can’t find a course to fit? This flexible and student-driven course is for you! Students take any topic they are interested in learning about and turn it into a project for school credit.  A teacher advisor guides you through the process of developing a project plan, learning goals and evaluation methods. Students can connect with an expert in the local or global community, who acts as a project consultant. Through this course, you get to decide what you want to learn and how you want to learn it!

    Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO)         Credit: .5 - 1 (depending on experience)

    Are you taking part in co-curricular activities or pursuit outside of the school day where you know you are learning a ton? Did you know you are able to gain proficiencies and school credit for this work?  An agreement is completed between you and an ELO Advisor to detail the logistics and learning goals.  Once this is in place you simply continue with your co-curricular activity/program and include reflections and evidence in your PLP/Portfolio.

    CDC Internship:  Classroom-based     Credits: .25

    A course to prepare students for internships in local businesses and organizations. Focus is on writing resumes, interviewing, professional communication, self branding and giving and getting feedback. Student’s readiness for placement is determined by the level of engagement in this prep course and their demonstration of “work readiness skills”: Positive Work Ethic, Integrity, Self Representation and Teamwork.


    CDC Internship:  Field-based  Credits: .25

    This course holds flexible space in your schedule for you to meet the 40 hours field based requirement for an internship experience. Students will be assisted in finding placements starting with informational interviews, shadow days, and the drafting of an Internship Agreement once an appropriate site is found.  A portfolio review will function as the Culminating Activity/Assessment for this course.

    *Prerequisite- students need to successfully complete the Internship Skills course.


    CDC Senior Challenge Credit: .50

    The Senior Challenge Project is a way to bring your high school experience to a special conclusion and a chance for you to break new ground: to be curious, to take a risk, to expand your horizons, and to make a difference in your community.  You will also write a significant research paper on the topic of interest. This is a FANTASTIC experience for the types of writing you may be doing if you plan to go on to college. The research is a critical component to implementing a project as it allows us to focus on “solidarity versus charity.” The most meaningful and helpful interventions take the needs of the group served into consideration. What will your legacy be?


    Dual Enrollment          Credit: .5 - 1 (depending on coursework)

    The Vermont Dual Enrollment program includes up to two college courses for eligible Vermont high school students. The Agency of Education has oversight of the dual enrollment program and will work with partner institutions of higher education to manage the delivery to students. Dual enrollment courses provided for in this legislation can be offered on a college campus and on-site at participating high schools. See your School Counselor for more information.

    *Students must get approval from their high school principal or designee


    Early College

    Through the Flexible Pathways Initiative, Vermont's Early College Program (ECP) has made funds available to students accepted into full-time programs that are developed and operated by one of the Vermont State Colleges or an accredited private postsecondary school located in Vermont, and that are approved for operation by the Secretary of Education. You can finish your high school career while starting your college career! See your School Counselor for more information.

    *Students must get approval from their high school principal or designee

    Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative – Online Courses

    The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC) offers SBHS students access to over 50 different free online courses. Courses are facilitated by licensed Vermont teachers and meet rigorous national standards. Here is a sample of course offerings during the 2020-21 academic year: Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, AP Statistics, AP Macroeconomics, Psychology, Marine Science, Physics, English 10, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Game Design, Life Management Skills, and Personal Fitness.

    For more information about VTVLC, talk with your school counselor or visit www.vtvlc.org