• South Burlington School District Budgets

    To the left you will find budget information dating from 2017 through the voter approved FY2023 budget. The budget development process is conveyed on this page through documents. You can also view school board meetings and community forums that have been recorded by the Media Factory

    For the FY22 budget cycle, we launched a video series to help demystify informational budget topics that pertained to the current proposed budget as well as items such as enrollment and how the Vermont education tax system works. For FY23, we added a video specific to ESSER

    Thank you to our wonderful community who approved our FY23 budget on Town Meeting Day, March 1, 2022

    The FY24 budget development process begins in the fall. Keep your eyes on this page as well as on upcoming School Board agendas to find out more, including when and in what format our community budget forums will take place this budget cycle.

    If you have questions or feedback, you can contact members of the school board via phone or email, attend a board meeting via Zoom or in-person at 577 Dorset Street. You can also email:


    Thanks and we look forward to your participation!