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    Fundraising, Donations, Advertising 

    Complete Application to get approval for:

    • Fundraising
    • Soliciting Donations from Community
    • Selling Advertising
    • Accepting a gift to the school, whether solicited or unsolicited.

    Click here for the Application.
    Approval will be emailed to you within a week after completing the application.

    Questions, contact Joanne Abate 
    (802) 652-7548

    Examples of various types of Fundraisers, Donations & Advertising                     

    • Fundraising for Charitable causes - collecting items/funds for a charity
    • Fundraising to support a particular school trip - selling flowers to raise funds
    • Fundraising to support school programs - selling wrapping paper for PTO's
    • Fundraising for non-school groups - Blood Drives, United Way
    • Soliciting Donations from Local Businesses - going to ask local businesses for gift cards or to donate coupons, prizes etc. 
    • Unsolicited Donation/Gift - for example: a local business or family wants to donate a piano to your school
    • Ticket sales - Drama productions, Talent Night, Rebels Got Talent
    • Advertising - sell advertising in a Drama program, Broadcasting Club or Athletic Banner 

    If your proposed Fundraiser involves food, check out the new SBSD guidelines here.

    Need a Fundraising Idea, check these out:
      (Information below, not officially endorsed by SBSD) 

    SB District Fundraising Approval, Tracking and Reporting System
    The South Burlington School District recognizes and greatly appreciates the significant role that parent, community and school groups play in supporting our schools' curricular and extracurricular activities and in recognizing student accomplishments. 

    It is important that school Principals are aware of and approve the activities planned by such groups.  This helps to ensure that the group serves a necessary purpose for students, is operating under applicable laws, and provides equitable treatment, comparable opportunities, and access to all students in these programs.

    Joanne Abate, Fundraising Coordinator for the District, can provide support and help you with any questions you may have.  In this day and time, as always, it is important that public funds be administered in a transparent fashion and that the district monitors this effort.  
    - South Burlington Business Office

    Contact Information:
    Joanne Abate


    South Burlington School District - Promotional, Advertising and Solicitation Guidelines here.