Master Planning & Visioning

  •   Update: This process was put on hold as the COVID19 pandemic began. As of June 2022, more work has been done to evaluate the status of the District's elementary schools and information will be updated to the left.

    50 years from now, what will South Burlington's schools look like? Will the spaces be more flexible to allow for teachers and students to collaborate with ease? What about demographic trends, funding, and changes to education? The master planning and visioning process has been exploring these questions and so much more for years. But, what does this mean for the community at large and even more crucially:

    Why is it necessary?

    To the left, you will find documents, videos, and presentations dating back to 2015. For those who like to dive into data, it's there. Prefer to watch videos? You can do that too! Information is organized by year, allowing one to see how the conversations have evolved over time.

    Check back on this page for regular updates and how to become involved as more community feedback is solicited in the months to come.

    Many thanks to all of the dedicated community members, administrators, students, and staff who have volunteered their time and energy to facilitating this process.