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    Our Mission
    The South Burlington Schools' Foundation for Educational Advancement's mission is to support the school district's efforts to ensure that each student possesses the knowledge, skills and character to create a successful and responsible life. We do this by raising funds that fiscally support the District's programs and initiatives. 

    Interested in supporting PreK-12 SB students? 

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    If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to one of our campaigns: Academic Boosters, Fields and Dreams, Scholarship Fund or Spirit Fund, please to to the "Make a Donation" page here.  Thank you on behalf of all SB students! 
    By becoming a more profitable foundation, the South Burlington School District can be a true leader among other schools located in Vermont and the Northeast. With your support, we will be able to give our students access to new programs and experiences.

    SBSF Campaigns 


    The South Burlington Schools' Foundation is currently raising money for the following campaigns, but we can customize any donation if you would prefer to donate to a specific school, team, department or project within the SB School District. 

    1. Academic Boosters, this fund will award mini-grants to students and teachers..  This is geared towards projects designed to enhance the learning of as many SB School District students as possible.  Grants will focus on outreach, enrichment, innovation and proof of effectiveness and/or development of the whole student.
    2. The Fields and Dreams campaign has given the South Burlington community a top-rate athletic complex. This campaign has raised funds and completed the Munson Turf Field, new bleachers, field lighting, Ray & Nancy Hadley Scoreboard, Kiwanis Fencing, Cpt. Mark A. Evnin '00, USMC Memorial Press Box, Skip Farrell Family Pavilion which houses the new concession stand and ticket booth. Recent additions of bathrooms and medical room have been added.  
    3. The Scholarship Fund to reward worthy seniors with funds towards their future educational plans. These Scholarships are awarded at graduation. 


    The SBSF Board recognizes the need to support all students in grades K-12 who express interest and passion in a variety of pursuits, including the arts, technology, academics, and athletics. Our commitment is towards providing each student with the encouragement and the resources in order to give them their desired scholastic experience. By doing this, we can confidently ensure the students' perception of their hopes and dreams.



    South Burlington School's Foundation Board

    Patrick Burke, President
    Joanne Abate, Executive Director

    Contact Information
    Joanne Abate - Development Office
    Email: jabate@sbschools.net



    Ways to Contribute

    The South Burlington Schools' Foundation observes a fiscal calendar of January 1 - December 31. 

    Ways to give:

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    • Credit Card
    • Stocks & Securties
    • Wills
    • Gifts in Kind


    The Need to Support Public School Education

    Public schools all across the country have long been aware that their operating budgets don't always cover their wants, let alone their needs! As a result, language programs, arts and music, athletics, and field trips are going on the chopping block when budgets face a deficit.

    In addition to this, Act 68 redistributes money from South Burlington taxpayers to lower income Vermont districts. So where can schools access the funding to pay for the things that distinctly identifies a good school from a great school?

    The answer lies in non-profit foundations, and the South Burlington School District is one of the few districts in Vermont to create a 501(c)3 Foundation to finance specific projects above and beyond what the school budget can support.

    The SBSF's objective is to fundraise for programs the District believes will enhance and enrich each student's academic, and extracurricular experience.
    By funding the Foundation you are keeping your gift in South Burlington to help our local students.