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    Preparing Your Children for Citizenship In the
     Connected Culture of a Digital World

    As technology becomes more prevalent in our world, Chamberlin is making a priority to teach and inform our students appropriate, respectful and responsible digital citizenship behaviors.  
    Topics that are addressed are the following:
    •  Personal Safety
    •  Digital Footprint
    •  Online Gaming
    •  Social Networking
    •  Legal/Ethical use of Digital Information
    •  Cyberbullying

    The following resources will help guide you as you have important conversations and make decisions with your children about technology use.  Our world continues to become smaller and we are all part of this global community  network.

    Common Sense Media:
    Connecting Families is part of Common Sense Media designed to support and empower families in raising kids who think critically, participate responsibly, and behave ethically in their online lives.  Chamberlin School fourth and fifth graders have taken part of the complete Digital Citizenship program that empowers students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. You now can access these parent materials by clicking on the icon below.

    Technicool  is a program of Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAV) that teaches Digital Safety and Citizenship to people all over.  This program works with students all over Vermont to teach critical skills to handle themselves safely in the ever growing digital world that we live in.  The program also offers resources and materials to parents to enable them to understand their children's technology use in their daily lives.  

    Technicool has made  presentations to all fourth and fifth graders and to parents separately during the week of February 9, 2015.   You will find all parent resources highlighted in the links below.  Please time to read and share this very important with your children.

    Safety Guidelines
    Social Networking
    National Crime Prevention Council Cyberbullying Tips