• SBSD COVID Dashboard
    Positive Cases, Testing Recommendations, and Guidance

    Please note that public health guidance related to COVID-19 changed on Monday, March 14, 2022. What follows reflects the current guidelines.

    We will no longer be notifying families directly when a case is reported or identified in one of our buildings. Instead, please check this dashboard often to help make personal decisions around testing, masking and attendance at work or school. Testing recommendations and illness guidance can be found below.

    The following are possible exposures to COVID-19 when an individual was infectious while in a South Burlington school or building in the past 7 days. Individuals who were not at school during their infectious period are not included. The dates indicate the last day of possible exposure. The dashboard will be updated when cases are reported or identified.

  • School's Out

  • Summer School

  • District Staff (not associated with a school)

    These testing protocols are updates based on guidance from the
    Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Agency of Education.

    IF YOU (student or staff member) PUBLIC HEALTH RECOMMENDATION
    Are up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines

    If asymptomatic, testing is not needed.

    If you develop symptoms at any time, get tested.

    Are NOT up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines or are NOT vaccinated

    No earlier than day 4 after exposure, take two antigen tests 24 hours apart (or longer) OR

    On or after day 5 of the notification, take a PCR or LAMP test.

    If you develop symptoms at any time, get tested.

    Have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days

    If 90 days have passed, follow the guidelines above.

    Newly symptomatic individuals may use antigen tests.

    Contact your healthcare provider for testing recommendations.

    Whether you are up to date, or not up to date, with COVID vaccinations, if you experience any of the following COVID-19 symptoms, even mildly, please STAY HOME and get TESTED. For more detailed student guidance view SBSD’s STUDENT ILLNESS PROTOCOL.

    STAY HOME, follow the steps in What to Do if You Test Positive for COVID-19  (families/staff can also access this SBSD link) and notify the school nurse. Staff should also notify Maura Sawtelle in Human Resources, their supervisor, and their health care provider.

    Report test results using the Vermont COVID-19 Self-Test Result Reporting Form.


    1. Visit the Vermont Department of Health’s testing site to pick up a free test(s). You can get up to four antigen test kits for each appointment, but only one LAMP (similar to PCR) per appointment.or schedule a test. VDH testing sites will close on June 25, 2022.
    2. Request rapid antigen test kits by contacting the school nurse (during the school year). They are also widely available at pharmacies and online retailers or ordered through the Federal Free At-home COVID Test Program.
    3. Reach out to your health care provider for other types of testing.
    4. Staff can also contact Maura Sawtelle Human Resources or VEHI BC/BS SBSD Health Insurance Members can access tests at their local, in-network pharmacy.

    Instructions and translations on how to use rapid-antigen tests can be found on the Health Department’s website.