• Create a Parent Portal Account and Link Students to Account

    Note: Please contact your school for assistance if your student is CURRENTLY enrolled and...

    • NOT linked to your parent portal account or,
    • You do not have a parent portal account

Step 1. Find the link to the Student and Parent Portal on the District's webpage

  • Using your preferred Internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended), navigate to the District's PowerSchool Parent Portal by clicking the link located on the South Burlington School District's home page: https://www.sbschools.net/

    PowerSchool Portal Link

Step 2. Choose Create Account

  • Click the "Create Account" tab then click the "Create Account" button.

    Create account

Step 3. (Parent/Guardian Information)

  • Fill in the "Parent Account Details" section with your name, email address, a username of your choice, and a password (then re-enter the password). The password you create must:

    • Be at least 8 characters long
    • Contain at last one uppercase and one lowercase letter
    • Contain at least one letter and one number
    • Contain at least one special character (E.g., #%&)

    Enter your information

Step 4. (Student Information)

  • In the "Link Students to Account" section, enter your student’s first and last name, the Access ID and Access Password found at the bottom of the "New Student Registration Instructions for the South Burlington School District" email, and your relationship to the student. More than one student can be linked to this account. If there are multiple students to be linked, continue adding to the "Link Students to Account" section.

    Link your students

    • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW STUDENTS: The Access ID and Access Password can be found at the very bottom of the welcome email with instructions to complete the New Student Registration that is sent when the pre-registration form has been approved.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS: Please contact your school to request that your student be added to your Parent Portal Account

Step 5. Click Enter

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Enter" button.

    Click enter

Step 6. Check Your Email

  • You will be brought to the Sign In page and asked to check your email for a link to verify your account.

    Please check your email to verify your account

Step 7. Verify Your Email Account

  • Open the email from SBSD PowerSchool called PowerSchool Account Email Verification and click the link.

    Verification link

Step 8. Sign In

  • Sign in to your PowerSchool portal account using the username and password created in Step 3. (Parent/Guardian Information)

    Sign in