• Transportation


    October 30, 2020

    Please note that bus transportation routes have been updated effective October 30. 

    October 23, 2020

    Students in grades 3-5 will be picked up at their normal bus stops at the same approximate times they have been on the days they were previously coming to school, either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday. We still encourage parents/guardians to drive their child(ren) or have them walk or bike to school whenever possible. Please communicate any questions or concerns to Kathy LaRock at klarock@sbschools.net or (802) 652-7479. If unable to reach Kathy, please contact Christa Chambers in the Office of Operations and Finance at cchambers@sbschools.net or (802) 652-7053 for assistance.

    Octobber 13, 2020

    As we have transitioned to Step III of reopening our schools, with our grades PreK-2 students returning to additional in-person instruction today, I wanted to send a brief note regarding transportation. Our operations and transportation teams have been working incredibly hard to develop bus routes that accommodate the increase in student need. W

    The South Burlington School District is following all Vermont Department of Health (VDOH) guidelines around transportation and at Step III, that means there are no capacity restrictions on our buses. Currently, we are using a maximum capacity of 50 students per bus (2 students per bus seat) for our transportation planning purposes. At the moment, we have kept riders at the minimum number that our transportation resources will allow, while continuing to enforce universal precautions, including mask wearing on our buses. 

    We are emphasizing the requirement that students sit in the same seat every day. In addition, since the school year began, we have been encouraging and continue to ask parents/guardians to transport their students, walk, or bike to school whenever possible. Our drivers are performing very well under challenging circumstances and we wanted to gently remind parents/guardians to be respectful when communicating with them. As always, we appreciate your feedback, are focused on transporting students as safely as possible, and ask that any concerns be communicated to Kathy LaRock, klarock@sbschools.net / (802) 652-7479 or Gary Marckres gmarckres@sbschools.net / (802)652-7052.