Find My School

  • Enrollment in the South Burlington School District is based on residency, which is where a legal guardian/parent owns and/or physically resides. Your residency address is assigned to a specific area/school within our district boundaries. 

    Not sure which elementary school to select? Please use the South Burlington School District School Boundary Map for assistance. 

    How to Use the Boundary Map:

    1. Open the South Burlington School District School Boundary Map.
    2. Click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the top-left corner of the page and enter your street address.
    3. A small red dot will display the location of the address on the map. 
    4. The color of the region on the boundary map will indicate which elementary school* your student would attend. 

    *The boundary map has been drawn as accurately as possible, but are not legal representations of the properties depicted. If your address is close to a boundary line, we encourage you to reach out to the school's front office for confirmation.