Master Planning & Visioning 2016


    In 2016, the master planning and visioning process largely focused on the financial implications of and potential educational benefits to the five configuration options for the district's elementary schools as proposed by the city/school master planning task force in August 2015.

    A community meeting was held March 22, 2016 and can be reviewed in the video above. Superintendent David Young gave a presentation that recalled both the history of the district and how it informs future decision making. The five scenarios for school configuration and district wide educational opportunities were discussed. This was not the only time community members had a chance to provide feedback. A summary of those opportunities dating back to March 2015 was compiled and reviewed in late August.

    In addition to soliciting community input, the district enlisted the assistance of consultants White and Burke to conduct a financial analysis of the five options and their findings were presented to the board July 13, 2016. In a desire to be thorough in their process, the school board subsequently formed a financial subcommittee to review more deeply the real estate model developed by White and Burke. The subcommittee completed their report  August 23, 2016 with an accompanying presentation.