Master Planning & Visioning City/School Task Force

  • In November 2014, a dedicated group of 13 community members was assembled by the steering committee of the city council and school board. The members included current school principals, parents, business owners, teachers, a former city manager, and superintendent. Their charge was to begin the process (with the assistance of consultants) of understanding the vision, goals, and needs of the city, school district, and South Burlington community for the next 50 years. The limits of the purview included all of the school facilities and the proposed South Burlington City Center.

    Over the course of seven months, the group considered the growing pressures on both city and school infrastructure. Contributing factors included shifts in demographics, changing/increasing traffic patterns, the development of City Center, and airport/Air Guard noise concerns. They worked hard to develop a plan/vision for South Burlington that both responded to these pressures and honored community desires. 

    A community forum was held March 31, 2015 and was facilitated by Cope & Associates, Inc.

    Over 140 people came out to participate! You can listen in via the video above.

    As feedback was compiled and the work continued, the group began drafting their final report which was presented August 5, 2015.

    Thanks to the task force members and consultants who facilitated this process including:

    Frank Locker Educational Planning

    Cope & Associates, Inc.

    Cropper GIS/McKibben Demographics

    Dore & Whittier

    and Cindy Weed Public Relations


    Task Force Members:

    Patrick Burke, SBHS Principal

    Liz Champagne, Parent

    Bruce Chattman, Former Superintendent, Former SB Parent

    Abby Crocker, Parent

    Paul Engels, Former City Councilor

    Chuck Hafter, Former City Manager, Former SB Parent

    Art Klugo, Task Force Chair, Former DRB Member

    Duncan Macdonald, Business Owner

    Monica Ostby, Parent

    Julie Patrick, Parent

    Holly Rouelle, Chamberlin School Principal

    Cindy Tan, Parent and teacher at Chamberlin School

    John Wilking, Business Owner and DRB Member