Master Planning & Visioning 2019: Option 8 Chosen as Guide for Further Exploration

  • After months of meetings with Dore and Whittier Architects including site visits to schools inside and outside Vermont, as well as public outreach, the board decided unanimously at their June 6 meeting to further explore Option 8: a new MS-HS 6-8/9-12. Phase I, which focused on infrastructure improvements to both the midde and high school as well as Phase II, which homed in on the education component, have now been completed.

    You can read the final Phase II report here.

    The complete text of the board's motion as read by Bridget Burkhardt is below and the discussion can be viewed in the video above. The motion was as follows:

    "That the Board instruct the superintendent to instruct Dore & Whittier to begin the pre-bond-vote design phase for the middle and high school campus within the following broad parameters:

    1. The design should address both infrastructure needs and a full range of identified educational needs at both the middle and high schools by designing a new combined middle and high school using Option 8 as a guide.

    2. The design process should include significant input from faculty, staff, administration, parents, students, and the broader community.

    3. The design process should produce a proposed plan and detailed cost estimates for a combined middle and high school and as a fallback position a new high school with infrastructure improvements only at the middle school.

    4. The design should not consider any existing site elements as completely fixed but should avoid moving items like the track, new outdoor changing rooms, or the mature grove of trees between the middle school and Dorset Street if possible.

    More details to follow as the process unfolds, more information becomes available, and public feedback is solicited.

Master Planning & Visioning 2019: April 11 Public Meeting

  • The District hosted a public information session Aprill 11, 2019 to provide an overview of the 8 options under consideration for the future of the middle and high school. After a presentation from Dore and Whittier, Superintendent David Young, Board member Bridget Burkhardt, High School Principal Patrick Burke, and Director of Learning Mike Martin provided insight on space challenges faced by the current layout of the schools and how teaching and learning methods have changed over time.

    A Q and A followed the presentation and evaluation cards were provided at the entrance. They asked attendees what they had learned, questions they still have, opinions on combining the middle and high school, and if they had a preferred option and why. Feedback was provided from 33 individuals in attendance. 

    You can view the meeting in the video above or review the PowerPoint Presentation here.

    Thanks to all who attended and stay tuned for more opportunities to provide feedback!