• Orchard School PBiS Orchard School has joined numerous schools across the state in using the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBiS) system. The goal of PBiS is to implement a proactive, school wide, systems approach to improving social and academic competence for all students. At Orchard School, we have a set of behavior expectations for all students called Core Values: “We promote learning through RESPECT for Ourselves, Others, and Our Environment.” Based on these core values, the students brainstormed positive behaviors that we expect to see in each area of our school. Each behavior is stated in a positive manner. We would like for students to remember what they should do in each setting, rather than what they should not do. When adults at Orchard School observe students using the Core Values, they will verbally reinforce the positive behavior. For instance, an adult might say to a student who invited another student into a game on the playground, “I noticed that you made an effort to include others in your game. That was very thoughtful.” “Core Counts” are examples of respectful student behavior. Core Counts will accumulate on “Core Counters” throughout each day. For every 50 Core Counts, classes will earn a paper apple to add to the wall in the hallway. When our chain of apples, or “Apple Trail” reaches a designated length, there will be a school-wide celebration to acknowledge all of the hard work that our students do to create a respectful culture in our school. Please ask your children about the Core Values and how they use them at school! For more information on PBiS, visit http://pbisvermont.org. 

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