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Ms. Nikki St. Mary

Coordinator- Career Development Center                                                       

CDC Email: 

Office Phone: 802.652.7018

Fax: 802.652.7371




    The Career Development Center provides assistance and resources to students as they map their path beyond high school.  The CDC is here to help you think about your career plans and assist you in transitioning from student to working professional and/or into the world of higher education.  The CDC provides numerous opportunities to gain practical experience, engage in community service, and learn about various career pathways. We urge you to explore the services early in your SBHS experience.  


    Many students use the vast CDC options to explore possible career choices or personal passions. Students who have decided on specific careers use the CDC programs to strengthen skills needed for future jobs and gain a competitive edge in the job market. You can demonstrate proficiency based on the work you do through internships or volunteering.  We also keep a record of all of your submitted placement hours and act as a vetted source of this information when you apply to schools or for scholarships.


    Tutoring – In the tutoring program you are matched with a student who is between grades K-8. You and the student will decide on a schedule. Tutoring opportunities are posted on the weekly CDC websites

    Community Service: Volunteers in Action (VIA) – Volunteers in Action offers a wide range of traditional community service opportunities, from running a charity race to volunteering at the Humane Society. See the CDC website for more information and guidelines on what qualifies as community service.

    Coalition for Community Service (CCS) – CCS is a club run by the CDC. At a monthly meeting different groups present information about their community service event and participants rally to support the efforts of the various organizations that make our community a great place to live, learn, and grow.

    Shadowing – Shadowing has you go to a work site to learn about a career. It provides you with a lot of insight into a specific profession or career track. This is generally a step in the process of securing a longer term internship, but could be a stand alone experience as well.

    Internship – This program connects you to a business for a period of time. You will work and learn by doing. There are required assignments associated with an internship. Internships can be for credit or proficiency but only if it is first APPROVED and SET UP through the CDC.

    Senior Challenge – This is a capstone program for senior students who want to end their high school experience on a high note. You will create your own project and present it to the South Burlington Business Association.

    Fill out this Google Form to get started in planning your career pathway. Ms. Lundie will email you to set up an appointment once you have completed this.  



    Please make sure you check your x2VOL hours before leaving for summer. If there are hours that have not been verified they will be denied approval on JUNE 12th. Check back for information on how to log summer hours in the new system!